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Herbal Healing Zone X5 Balm

Herbal Healing Zone X5 BALM is the skin care product which protects skin from sensitive problems.

Herbal Healing Zone X10 Cleanser

The gentle and safe cleanser that does not irritate sensitive skin featuring Naflex 10 TM and lion’s mane mushroom extract to help quickly soothe from irritation and keep skin moisturized.

Herbal Healing Zone X2 Mist

Formulated with Naflex™2 ingredients to effectively normalize skin functions.

Herbal Healing Zone X7 Lotion

11 various herbal ingredients such as licorice, Japanese honeysuckle, Chinese angelica, poria mushroom, forsythia, ginseng, and astragalus help improve skin function by providing vitality within the skin layers and nourishment to the skin barrier.